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Loneliness can be a healthcare hero's burden. It doesn't have to be yours.

Most heroes have a sidekick to help them out when times get tough. Batman had Robin. Superman had Lois Lane. Frodo had Samwise Gamgee. We hope the same is true for you on your journey to PA school. 

But we also understand that healthcare heroes carry a heavy burden. We want to help you, our pre-PA heroes, connect with and support each other as you fulfill your mission to become PAs!

Maybe you’re a first-generation pre-PA struggling to navigate the process of getting into a graduate program. Maybe you’re the only person in your circle who is considering becoming a PA. Maybe you’ve applied before, and you need a safe space to share your concerns and grow with others as your reach for success.

Thinking about what COULD be, we created POWER UP: The PA Life community, where you’ll find like-minded heroes to support you on your journey, including your trusty sidekicks–our amazing team at The PA Life!

All pre-PAs, PA students, and practicing PA heroes are welcome here! Our initial programming focuses on pre-PAs, but we’ve got big plans for all career stages in the works. Join us as a founding member and be part of our quest to create a thriving community of people committed to growing the PA profession!

We're creating a place for all stages of PAs to support each other in living
The PA Life!

Together, we will:
  • Make and deepen connections
  • Learn more about ourselves
  • Grow in heart and purpose
  • Serve more effectively

The PA Life has been serving PAs since 2012.
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It's Safe Here

The heart of our Power-Up community is to provide acceptance, development, privacy, and compassion in a place where you feel safe to share and connect.

  • You can ask questions, celebrate wins, console losses, and commit to learning and growing, all without fear of judgment or rejection.

  • We welcome diversity in all its forms.

  • Our privacy-first attitude for our community gives you a comfortable place to seek answers and support.

We’re Growing Together

  • Build relationships with fellow healthcare heroes on the journey to serve through the PA profession.

  • Receive first access to new resources related to CASPA and mock interview services, and to help inform how The PA Life grows into the future.

  • Be part of a nurturing and authentic community that supports one another in living The PA Life!

We're Unique

  • Our team is composed of professional writers, educators with admissions expertise, and practicing PAs.

  • Our editing team knows the power of story. We read between the lines. We don’t work quickly; we dig deep and chase after the ideal structure, topics, and words for your essay, honing in on the key information that PA AdComs want to hear.

  • The PA Life was the first company to provide pre-PA editing services, and we’ve been studying PA admissions committees for years. You can trust that we know our craft!

  • Always innovating, we’re dreaming up new and unique content and services such as essay mock interviews, group mock interviews, and MMIs!

  • We also like to have fun! We’re literary and cultural nerds who love to personally connect with clients. 

Our vision is to inspire and nurture pre-PAs, PA students, and practicing PAs 

Therefore, our mission is to provide resources and services to help pre-PAs, PA students, and practicing PAs see their own good, talent, beauty, kindness, and capability and support them in achieving not just their goals but their full potential.

Power Up is the newest way we are seeking to live out our mission through building connections, supporting one another, and providing new content and services.

We hope you'll join us!